Terre Haute Cuisine offers Mexican Author, with a proposal that integrates recipes from Spain and France in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, recreated with delicious Mexican ingredients and our chef, Azari Basin's, creative touch Azari Basin.

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"It is not a compendium of old recipes, but to present a playful interpretation of the entries, stews, soups and desserts of the time of the 2nd Empire, the Porfiriato and the first half of the twentieth century. Recipes that brought the aristocratic families who came from Europe to Mexico, (and those Mexican families who would have liked to have come from Europe). Recipes served at swanky banquet and some more of the kitchen everyday, now adapted to the traditional raw material of our country.

Terre is a gastronomic of Mexico to the world, which seeks to provide ideas, tastes and textures in a very honest and creative, seeking thereby to the global culinary scene as do the best restaurants of the world.

Terré open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from 8:00 am to midnight. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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